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Welcome to Anh Quoc Development and Investment Company Limited.

BTS & AQ Porcelain Granite Glazed Tiles are a group of large companies which imports the latest 3D Spain and ItalyTechnologies and manufactured to matching with European Standard en 176. Also: Bla ISO 9001: 2000.

AQ Porcelain Granite Tiles use Nano Tech Polish and Saphia Glazed coating on top of all Porcelain Granite, Bianco Marble Tiles for Worldwide Export of top quality tiles with Digitalis multicolor. We can produce about Sixty Thousand Square Meters per day and supply to your company when you need for a large project.

Our manufactory process use highest Gas temperure at 1250 degrees C in oven then running direct to cold water so that is why our tiles are very strong lasting (Flexural strength≥35 N/mm2) and harder than natural stone (Abrasion≤175mm3) and stabled flat (The hydrophilic≤0.2%) with everlasting color protection plus water suction lest than 0.13% compared with other manufactory process from 3% to 9%.

Your smartest choices is using our Tiles for your Home, Commercial Project or Five Star Hotel and never out of fashion with stronger supply over past ten years.

We are happy to ship/delivery direct to your showroom, your yards or you can pick up at our warehouse close by you to save your budget.
Once again, we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for choosing us and we look forward to working with you in future.

BTS & AQ Porcelain Granite Tiles
Bring The World To Better Life.

Kind Regards,

Joseph  Phung

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